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What is BDS


About us

What is BDS


What is BDS?

BDS Body Design Studio was created and founded in 2013 by Leonel Rodriguez. It is a young innovation in Panama but represents the culmination and coming together of LeonelĀ“s innovative ideas based on his experience and knowledge of the functioning of the body and how it responds to different training methods as well as adaptations of the personal training in studio format currently popular in countries such as the U:S.A. and the United Kingdom.


BDS is an individualized service of fitness and health improvement through specialized training programmes. The BDS studio has two private exercise areas, which allow clients to enjoy an individual environment of support and encouragement, where personalized professional attention is provided to meet their specific needs and desires..


In BDS, unique combinations of cutting edge methodologies are applied, which have proven their efficiency in rigorous scientific tests. Unlike the usual training methodologies that focus on isolated movements, these are based on synergy of movements that work several muscle groups simultaneously, taking into account natural body movements to achieve the best results and reduce the risk of injury.


With the accompaniment of an exclusive and dedicated trainer for its implementation and ongoing dynamic adaptation, each programme is designed to meet the specific goals of each client whether that be losing weight, gaining weight, achieving muscle definition, gaining muscle mass, conditioning for a particular sport, improving performance, rehabilitation, or just for the sheer enjoyment of physical activity.

Two options

  • A

    Training in person

    In a professional private studio in Clayton, Panama City, with a dedicated trainer, motivating and supporting you every step of the way.

  • B

    Virtual training

    Coming soon: Individualized programmes online.


Second floor,
Clayton square,
Carrol Street
(corner of Basilio Lakas, opposite Clayton Park towers).
Phone: 209 5481 / 209 5479 / 6652 0480