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How it works


About us

How it works


How does it works?

From the first moment of contact with BDS, each client feels a special care and attention. Before starting any training programme, each person is invited to a structured chat about their goals, likes, and past experience of physical training and medical and physical condition. The necessary measurements are taken so that the start point is registered and from which progress can be recorded during training.


Once the plan of training sessions and payments is selected, taking into account the needs and availability of each person, a training programme is specifically designed on the basis of all the above to guarantee and the sessions to be taken during the plan are scheduled. Each client with a pre - paid plan is given a password allowing them to login online to see what each training session will be during the programme.


Each client attends their training session in the specialised BDS studio in order to have access to all the necessary equipment for their programme. Each session is one hour long, during which time the trainerĀ“s attention is exclusively devoted to the client at all times to ensure that the training programme is conducted in the most correct and efficient manner and that the client has the necessary support and motivation to achieve their goals.


While most customers choose to train individually, BDS also offers the option to train with a partner.


In addition to physical training, BDS offers nutritional advice and the formulation of diets.

Two options

  • A

    Training in person

    In a professional private studio in Clayton, Panama City, with a dedicated trainer, motivating and supporting you every step of the way.

  • B

    Virtual training

    Coming soon: Individualized programmes online.


Second floor,
Clayton square,
Carrol Street
(corner of Basilio Lakas, opposite Clayton Park towers).
Phone: 209 5481 / 209 5479 / 6652 0480