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BDS operates from a professionally equipped studio in Clayton. A brightly illuminated and fresh environment with an inspiring interior design, the studio includes:

  • Space to store belongings and clothing;
  • Espacio para guardar pertenencias y ropa;
  • Modern and efficient air conditioning systems and audio (with the possibility to adjust the choice of music to suit clients´ individual taste!);
  • Cable TV;
  • A cold drinking water dispenser and towels to be keep comfortable even during the toughest workouts!.

In the reception area, energy drinks, food supplements and other products are on offer to complement training programmes.

Two options

  • A

    Training in person

    In a professional private studio in Clayton, Panama City, with a dedicated trainer, motivating and supporting you every step of the way.

  • B

    Virtual training

    Coming soon: Individualized programmes online.


Second floor,
Clayton square,
Carrol Street
(corner of Basilio Lakas, opposite Clayton Park towers).
Phone: 209 5481 / 209 5479 / 6652 0480